donderdag 4 juli 2013

Sous: something you never smelled before

In China, in a backstreet of Xian, we saw this bicycle filled with binbags. The colours in the street where lovely, gray, pink, red spots, sort of distressed walls. A beautifull 'streetlife' picture. But soon enough we became aware of the terrible smell that came from the bags. Rotten meat, mixed with human excrements, urine, you think it, it was in the smell. And what happened to the owner, the bike was standing there, alle allone, for more then 10 minuts. Had he walked off, becuse this smell was to much for him ?

I've used the sketch by Nanné on SOUS.

I've use Prima paper and flowers.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful page for such a stinky subject .. LOL You handled this one with such grace! Loving that banner!

  2. love your take on the sketch and that sweet banner!

  3. What a pretty layout! Very interesting subject to scrap about..:)

  4. I too like so many thought the same about your subject for this layout..LOL But hey, its life and I'm sure its something you'll remember for a long time.. So glad you enjoyed working my sketch and you did a fantastic job..