vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

Challenge #34 Fall

Now there is a super nice challenge on: Challenge yourself. On this blog, with the very energetic owner Sharon Fritchman, you are challenged to make a lovely layout, with a picture of you in it.
Very nice. My scrapbook albums are all immense, but the book of 'me'  was the smallest.Now ... it's growing and I love it, all those memories.

I've made a layout with new paper from Echo Park, ' Fall is in the air'. Used a picture, a sort of selfie, from me in a beautiful woody area, in Bergen, Holland. Nice long walk with super colors and taking lots of mushroom pictures.

Have done a little fusy cutting, I'm not very good at it. The kompas in the background is a little reminder of the fact that I got lost on this walk. Something that happens not very often to me....

The challenge is to use these lovely autumn colors.

Have a good weekend!