donderdag 21 november 2013

SOUS Julia

I love to use old stuf, even pulled out some rubbons. And leaves that I pulled of an old layout (I simply trow away layout's that I don't like anymore, but take of the pictures, and some embellishments).
This beautiful sketch is on SOUS.
Leah comes up with the most lovely things, that give me inspiration, not frustration ;)

The background started to crumble up with the ink and water for the 'drippings'. So a bit difficult to make a nice 'flat' picture.
But, love it anyway ....

Have a lovely weekend.

donderdag 7 november 2013

SOUS China girls

As they say: no mistakes in scrapbooking, but stil regret the mask with red ink on the beautiful paper on the background.
This picture of two sweet girls on a really stinking market in X'ian stil moves me, the sparkle in their eyes. The driver played Bowies 'China girls' in the bus, a few houres later, so funny...

Because of some serious cashflow problems, I'm using up al 'old' supplies, and stuff I forgot about. That's nice. Looking forward though to some serious shopping in my scrapstore, end of month hahaha.

Love Leah's sketch!
Check out the layout's of the rest of the girls on Stuck on us sketches!

Have a good weekend!